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      Having your real estate tiled with quality roofing materials is important for keeping the property in good condition. Asphalt tiled rooftop protects one’s house from snow, rain, hail, and other things that can harm the goods inside. When the ceiling asphalt piece is destructed, it’s necessary to replace it with new materials of the proper quality. This can be done by the local roofing company. Before this, it’s necessary to obtain background information. Interested in roof replacement Atlanta service? Roofing contractor Stone Mountain answers the most popular roofing questions.

Making the first call

     A number of house owners hesitate when thinking of whom to call first - insurance or roofing assistance. This is one of the most frequent roof replacement questions. We recommend contacting the insurance company first because it can insure some costs of the substitution process and make a free estimate. When you know if the specific type of harm might be covered, contact the roofing service to discuss further details related to repair.

Insured damages

     Homeowners don’t always know about the type of rooftop harm insured by their insurers. The substitution is insured in cases the house is damaged by:

     Harms caused by less powerful impacts might be covered by the assurance company as well, but this depends on the individual policy and the roof’s age. Cement tiles are supposed to be more durable than asphalt shingles. Cement tiles can remain in good condition for 25 years, while asphalt one - to 20 years. Relying on these features, some providers insure the full or partial replacement solutions costs.

     It’s important to be aware of the peculiarities of the insurance policy. For example, some companies might pay expenditures on blown shingles substitution. However, they won’t pay if the damage to other property, caused because of asphalt tiles blown, could be prevented by the owner within a certain period of time. This means if you don’t fix blown shingles on time, you cannot claim an assurance to cover further water damages.

Inspecting the Surface

     The best way to avoid harming and further expenditures, covering issues, is to make the roof replacement before something bad happens. To understand whether it’s relevant, inspect whether asphalt pieces are in proper condition. Explore the major characteristics indicating that your covering needs repair or substitution:

These are simple but visible problems. If you indicate them on time, you decrease the probability of potential issues that worsen the situation under the impact of natural powers such as hail, snow, or rain. Remember, the surface might leak even with just one missing piece!

Replacing Surface

     In some regions, roof repair is often done without replacing - the coverage by a second layer is allowed. However, there are cases when a complete replacement is the only option. In such cases, the quality of the materials plays a vital role. For example, roof replacement after a hail storm might be necessary because such a severe hazard can damage multiple areas, not only tiles. Thus, you might need to repair an entire ceiling, not only its surface. In such cases, contact qualified roof replacement Atlanta services - roofing contractor Stone Mountain


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