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When is a tile roof repair needed?

      Asphalt shingle is the most common soft roofing solution. This is used for roofing in private houses, cottages, townhouses and more. Bituminous shingles consist of flat sheets of small dimensions, in which fiberglass is added. A flat sheet is a tile that is overlapped. And on the surface of the tile, granules of stone of different colors are applied. Sometimes you may need asphalt shingle roof repair Atlanta and this could be due to a number of reasons.

      It is worth noting that the soft roof has a number of features, including special conditions for its repair. We will find out what to do if the bituminous coating has been damaged and how the damaged area can be replaced in a few simple steps.

Causes of damage to shingles

     Damage to the coating can be very different. Most often this is caused by mechanical action on the material. For example, damage can be caused by a person, a fallen branch, or ice. Damage may occur during installation or maintenance of the roof. In any case, these shortcomings can be eliminated.

Methods for repairing a bituminous roof

     The bituminous tile in a kind of the features forms one continuous carpet. Because of this feature, the repair becomes more complicated and therefore the dismantling of a separate sheet of tiles becomes impossible. If the damage is more extensive, then the only solution to the problem is to replace the entire roof. But if a small area is damaged, you can use one of the asphalt shingle roof restoration options.

     Sealing is carried out using a special roofing sealant. For example, you can use bituminous tape, which adheres well to any material. This seals the damaged area of ​​the roof well. It is worth noting that if the tape breaks, it will restore the tightness on its own. Using tape is a good solution for sealing more difficult areas where there are drains and ventilation. This repair option is the easiest when performing restoration work and you can handle it yourself. In other cases, you will need the help of specialists from the roofing company.

     Another way to asphalt shingle roofing repair is to use a gas burner, which “melts” the patch onto the damaged area. And the third repair option is a complete replacement of the tiles. This method of solving the problem is considered the most reliable, and the most time-consuming.

Self-repair of bituminous roofing

     Asphalt shingle roof repair cost depends on the amount of work and many other factors. In most cases, this work can be used on its own. Let's deal with this in more detail below. Repairing soft tiles is a rather laborious process, and if you make a patch, then with such repairs it is worth remembering the fire hazard. Therefore, it is highly recommended to follow the safety measures. You can repair a bituminous roof in this way in just 6 steps.

1. Determination of the damaged area. On damaged areas, the color of individual sheets changes.

2. Dismantling of damaged tiles. To do this, you need to use a special tool with which you need to carefully lift the asphalt sheet.

3. Dismantling of base tiles. Sheets are lifted in the same way and this is necessary in order to remove unnecessary obstacles.

4. Removing rusty nails. For this work, a nail puller is used.

5. Removal of bituminous sheets. After removing the nails, the damaged tiles are cut out and removed.

6. Renewal of bituminous sheets. This step requires special skill, because if the problem area is replaced incorrectly, it will remain damaged.

     Regardless of the complexity of the repair, we recommend that you seek help from a specialist who will perform all the difficult work. To perform asphalt shingle roof repair Atlanta, follow the guidelines and use a good tool. 


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