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How to prepare your roof for the season of thunderstorms?

      In Atlanta, Georgia, severe thunderstorms are common in spring. In this case, you need to plan not only your walks or picnics but also think about the need for home maintenance. Roof repair after storm Atlanta is a very common service. No matter what condition the roof of the house is in, even if it is well looked after, thunderstorms, hail, and strong winds can cause irreparable damage.

      Damage to the roof will sooner or later lead to the fact that it will leak, and water will start to get into the house. And as soon as you find water, it will become an alarm signal for you. Take immediate action if shingles are torn off or masonry has been damaged by falling tree branches or hail. We recommend calling a specialist who will examine the situation on the spot and take the necessary measures to eliminate the damage. The problem will be fixed soon, and the insurance company will usually cover the repair a roof costs.

      In the event of a hurricane and roof damage, don't wait too long and contact the experts in your city immediately for full damage repair. Then every day counts when it comes to a damaged roof, or facade due to a thunderstorm. The repairmen will present a solution that will prevent further damage during the next storm.

Damage to the roof construction and how to fix it?

     This type of damage is usually the most common and can be caused by falling trees on the roof. If this happens, most of the roof is often damaged, and possibly the attic below it. In rare cases, this damage can be caused by a very strong hurricane. Regardless of the exact cause, the repair is going to be extensive because the stability of the entire roof needs to be rebuilt. Only roof repair after rain help solves this issue.

How to prevent damage from thunderstorms?

     To prevent a thunderstorm from damaging your home, we recommend that you take into account the following recommendations:

  1.      1. Clean your roof regularly. First of all, this involves removing the leaves from the gutter so that rainwater can run off unhindered. Otherwise, moisture can quickly seep into the home and cause water damage there.

  2.      2. Inspect the roof before the start of the storm season. Be sure to check the roof for damage, which during a storm can lead to serious damage with consequences. An additional advantage of such inspections is that after the inspection you will receive a complete report on the condition of the roof. If you entrust this work to a specialist, he will provide you with an official report on compliance with the safety standard. This document will make it easier for your insurance company to pay you back if a hurricane damages your roofing or roof structure. If defects are found during the inspection, they must be corrected as soon as possible.

  3.      3. Seal the roof. This will help to effectively prevent damage. Depending on the shape of the roof and the covering material, the seal can be made of plastic, liquid seal or asphalt, or rubber sealing sheets.

  4.      4. Find out the situation with the surrounding trees. Very large, old, and rotten trees pose a high risk and should be felled or cut down completely. Otherwise, the trees can cause damage to the roof during a thunderstorm.

The dangers of a leaky roof

     A leaking roof brings a lot of discomfort. For example, water that enters the walls of the house can damage the insulation, and this reduces the energy efficiency of the house. It also increases the risk of electric shock and fire if water gets into the wiring. Mold can also cause health problems, destroy walls, and ultimately reduce the value of your home. In this case, replace house roof will not help to cope with the problem. Only an overhaul of the whole house will eliminate the problem with mold.

     As soon as you notice a leaking roof, take immediate action. Call experts from a roofing company who use state-of-the-art equipment for the job and they will help you with roof repair after storm Atlanta.

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